Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Update

Well folks, it's coming along.  Denny is working hard doing things I usually do around the house to free up a few hours here and there for me to focus on the book.  He's eager and encouraging.  It's awesome living with my biggest fan.
    I have compiled much material from the last year; journal and blog entries, snippets of letters, random notes.  It's tricky because I'm not selecting and writing bits on a certain topic, rather I want to give as complete a picture as I can of my life and the changes since I left religion.  So much has happened and so many thoughts have been thunk!  The focus of my writing changes up a lot; for awhile I'm exploring the immorality of the Bible, then I'm off on my new astronomical hobby, the next moment I am lost in my crumbling marriage.  When I first pulled it all together I thought, "What a mess!  No one is going to want to read this!" but I have endeavored to join the bits together with shiny new writing and before long I began to see it all as a fascinating whole.  Because my religion permeated every aspect of my life the lack of it has also permeated every aspect of my life.  Getting free, learning to be human...  wow.  No part of me has been untouched. I hope you are as fascinated reading about my journey as I have been living it!  It's still sort of messy, but that's because it's a complete sort of picture of my very human thoughts and experiences, and humans are, by nature, messy.  If you meet one who isn't, he or she is hiding something.  Or maybe dead.
     Still got plenty of work to do, so while Denny is out in the living room chillin' with our seven rowdy Willies as they play blocks and finish up dishes,  I'm going to get back to it.  Stay tuned.  Maybe next time I'll tell you the title I think I've settled on for the book.

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