Sunday, March 16, 2014

Writer's Block

I can’t imagine having writer’s block.  I have whatever the opposite of writer’s block is.  Writer’s flood?  I have more things to write about than I have time to write them.  To the point that I am writing about writer's block.  Maybe I have time block.  But such is the style of my writing.  It’s an extension of my thinking.  It rambles and flows.  It stops to smell roses.  It goes off the path to explore interesting-looking crannies and nooks.

Those writers who produce coherent stories--the sort where the content on one page flows right onto the next in a logical fashion, chapter after chapter, with a beginning and end—I have a lot of respect for those folks.  I love stories.  I love complicated plots.  I just couldn’t write that way to save my life.  I have a file folder full of story starts because sometimes the mood strikes me, but it’s not my medium.  As it turns out.  If I can fit it onto a couple word processor pages and I have two hours to spare, I could maybe complete a short story worth reading.  Maybe.

I get bogged down in the details, I think.  I have an easier time forming thoughts and transcribing them than describing a scene, developing characters, creating action and dialogue.  I think I have writer’s block just thinking about it.

It’s good to know where your talents lie.  It’s been good for me to accept that I’m better at some things than others.  It’s good to acknowledge diversity and discover your place in the mix.

In what areas do you excel?  In which of your works do you feel confident?

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