Thursday, January 22, 2015


Sorry, bit of David Bowie there. Did I get enough ch's in?

Since beginning this blog early last year I've been running it alongside my older blog, which deals more with every-day life on the homestead with photos galore. It's been interesting, keeping my sharing separated, wondering which posts would be better suited to which blog. It's not been easy, as aspects of my life aren't often conveniently detached from one another. As a result I think I've actually blogged a good deal less than I used to.

That said, I've decided to merge my blogs, using just this one and posting all pictures of my family and critters here, garden harvests, the raising and schooling of children, long stories of DIY madness, and continuing with my thoughts of humanism and atheism as an unbeliever living in the Bible belt. I hope that you will benefit from the mash-up and enjoy knowing me better.

In other news...

Here you are, enjoying the various things I share on my blog (you are, aren't you?) and commenting on the posts that strike your fancy (aren't you?) and you've even bought a copy of my first book (you did, didn't you?) and you're wondering if there's anything else you can do to show your support (right?). Good, good. Well, I have news for you. There's now a quick and easy way for you to offer a little something more. (No pressure or anything.)

Patreon is a website and community connecting artists and other creative folks with the people who adore them. I've set up an account over there and you can, too (it's free). Better still, with the click of a button you can pledge your financial support; anything from $1 per month on up. I will continue blogging here and sharing my life with you free of charge, so no worries. Financial support is an option.  And at various pledge amounts I will offer perks to my patrons, so keep your eyes on that.

Every bit of financial support you give helps free me up to create more of the content you love, both for the blog and the upcoming books.  

Support me at: Kaleesha's Patreon page.

I can't tell you how much your support is appreciated!

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