Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Winter's Day

I’m learning that winter never goes the way I think it will. In the fall I’m dizzy with romance; the sights, the smells, that certain something in the air, the knowledge of cold weather coming with its fires in the wood stove, hearty soups, warm family moments, and time to get to all those projects I’m too busy for the rest of the year.

When it snows I feel that same giddy romance. My Vermont blood, I guess. But here in Missouri it doesn’t snow much. An occasional winter will see two or three snowfalls worthy of getting out the sleds, but others we get just a dusting here and there. In the meantime, there’s school, there’s work, there’re dental appointments, the sun sets early and rises late and my energy drains like dirty, lukewarm bathwater after four of my children have emerged, squeaky clean in their turns.

I was horrified this week when I realized that at least five days had passed since I’d stepped foot outside. I’m a firm believer in getting out every single day, even just for a few minutes. Sunshine, clouds, rain, snow, hot or cold, healthy or unwell. But I’ve no goats to check on anymore, the children tend the poultry and enjoy fetching the mail from the box at the end of the drive, and there’s no end to my to-do list... it just sorta happens. There’s always something I could be working on, and usually feel like I should be working on. But priorities, Williams. Priorities. 

This morning I tackled some to-do’s, sitting in my sunny bedroom and enjoying our new bookshelves. (The light is so much better than in my office on the north side of the house.)

Denny schooled the children and I helped a bit with reading and math. After lunch I got the kids busy on chores; the weekly cleaning and bringing in firewood. It’s cold today, and the small bit of world immediately outside my home is dusted with snow, but the sun is shining. I grabbed my coat, put on my hat, and went for a short walk around our five acres.

View of the yard and garden soon after sunrise.

Snow on moss & lichen

So much color this time of year, if you've eyes to see it.

Happy little grass. I need to look this up; I've always loved it but don't know what it is!

Ice along the creek's edge

Witch hazel beginning to bloom

Tucker Creek. Heaven on earth.

A reminder to me, if not to you, to get out and enjoy the world around me at least once a day. It's a winter wonderland whether there's snow or not!

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