Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tired Of Book Updates Yet?

Too bad.  But this is a good one.  You'll like this one.

Free To Be:  How I Went From Unhappily Married Conservative Bible Believer To Happily Divorced Atheistic Humanist In One Year And Several Complicated Steps

... is now available for purchase.  

See, I told you you'd like this one.  Just pop over to to order an epub version of the book.  After you purchase we email you a link where you can download the book. You will be able to read it with any epub reader or drop it into iBooks.  The plan is that within 24 hours from now you will be able to purchase a Kindle version from Amazon as well as the iBook version directly from iBooks, but buying directly from our site is the most supportive because we get to keep all the moolah.  =)

I'm as nervous can be.  Interestingly, I went from worrying how the content will be received to worrying about the formatting not carrying over properly.  Will the italics remain?  Will the block quotes stay indented?  What if someone converts the epub doc and loses the formatting?  Publishing woes.  This is tricky business.  Denny assures me all is well.  We'll see. I imagine I soon will be back to worrying about the content.  Ha.

So, there it is...  thank you so much for your support!


  1. just bought this! Maybe the first purchase? Looking forward to reading it and furthering the short-circuited (due to time contraints) conversation around the eating table at the Williams' house : )

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  3. Downloaded it! And yes, i skipped to the "good parts," as i often do with a new book, the sex parts and the end. Still so much more to read in the next few days, but what i have read is insightful, thoughtful and well-written with a certain colloquial humor that is decidedly Kaleesha! Thanks for writting and for courageously articulating thoughts into areas so many fear to tread and thus suffer devastating consequences.


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